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Lisbon - New York


Product Manager + Developer  + Entrepreneur


Leif Orion Kramer

Taking a byte out of the internet since 1999

Originally from San Francisco and a self taught "full stack engineer", Leif spends his time between New York City and Lisbon, Portugal (his home base). Leif provides sales engineering, business development, software development, and advertising services.

Throughout his career, Leif has held key roles at multiple innovative and award winning  ad-tech start-ups, worked on international partnerships and technical integrations into new systems and markets from Europe to South East Asia. Leif has supported and pitched many of the worlds largest consumer packaged goods companies, multiple top 100 internet retailers, publicly traded agencies, and major grocery chains in Australia

Leif follows a management style and set of methods based upon the same pioneering production efficiencies developed by Toyota, and the lean business development movement. The same methods used by the worlds most successful technology companies and startups. 






A experiência é mãe da ciência.
(Experience is the mother of wisdom)
— unknown


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